Transformational Goddess Retreat

Each retreat focuses on a different goddess and the activities
scheduled during our weekend together, bring us to their sacred wisdom.

Please head over to our brand new website here with all the info on our next retreat which is on June 29th -July 1st 2018.

To find out more about future retreats, please contact us here and you will be notified about the next one.

How a Serve The Goddess Retreat Looks
Spend a weekend with other powerful women, like you, who value themselves and invest in their own bliss and well-being. Expect delicious, nourishing foods, delectable massages  (extra cost), precious time for individual silence and stillness, laughter, joy and connection to other Goddesses.
The Venue
Each retreat is hosted in a different spiritual location and you can read about our past one below!

Pepper Tree Retreat is the former home of philosopher J. Krishnamurti and offers a quiet setting for those who really want to see, hear, and feel the natural beauty of the Ojai Valley. It is located on 11 acres of orange orchards, gardens, and open space nestled in the foothills of Ojai’s magical east end.

There are several outdoor patios and terraces, with a large veranda overlooking the front lawn and rose garden. Nearby are trails into the surrounding mountains and country roads ideal for early morning or late-afternoon walks.

It has a newly restored 1910 farmhouse with ten rooms, all with their own bathrooms. The main house has large living and dining rooms and other common areas. Pepper Tree also has pavilion space for yoga, meditation and workshops.

Our personal chef on our last retreat was Meredith Klein of Meredith specializes in providing nourishing, clean food that supports the kind of transformational work that takes place in retreats. Meredith offers an array of services and offerings, all of which are designed to feed and nourish you both inside and out.

Meals are designed with inspiration drawn from various global cuisines. Vegan, and gluten-free meal options available upon request. Meredith’s experience, care, and consciousness will set the tone for an unforgettable gathering.

IMG_8469Come and discover the goddess within you, through sacred circle, myth, ritual, music, dance, silence, bonding, laughter and time for deep reflection.

Some of the activities will include:
Invocation Circles
Meditation + Chanting
Self-reflection Time
Music Making
Mythical Re-enactments of Goddess Myths
Gentle, Flowing Free-form Dance & Body Movement


Discovering the  goddesses during our weekend together will leave you feeling full of purpose with fierce love, ready to heal the world.

Our retreats are for an exclusive, small intimate group of only 15 women so if you’re interested, secure your space by signing up to be notified when our next retreat is booked.
Your Hostess 
Helen Hodgson, Author, Serve The Goddess® Muse + Founder circa 2000, learned from years of watching her mother, a Demeter archetype, registered nurse and mother of five – that as caretakers, we women, are often the last ones to nurture ourselves. Helen swore she wouldn’t journey the same path, but as a nurse and massage therapist herself, experienced the same “over giving” while neglecting her own needs. It wasn’t until her awakening where she tapped into her Aphrodite archetype, that she was inspired to practice self love and Serve The Goddess® was born. She went on a pilgrimage to the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite in Pathos on the island of Cyprus and became an advocate for empowering women.

Helen’s mission is for all women to follow extreme self-care and self-love using the ancient wisdom of the goddesses. She inspires them to access their inner goddess through reverence, rejuvenation, deep reflection, relaxation and healing to feel full of purpose.

Helen leads her “A Day in the Life of an Ancient Goddess” retreats with one or two special guests, a few times per year throughout southern California. Past retreats have focused on the wisdom of goddesses Aphrodite, Artemis, Persephone, Demeter, Kali, Sekhmet to name a few.

How Do You Define Your Own Self-Care?

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Reflections from Past Retreats
“I have been on many retreats with all sorts of subjects, but the depth of your retreat drawing upon ancient mythology to inspire and guide our lives, is a whole new experience that every woman of substance needs to participate in.”  -Virginia Green PhD

“Very relaxing and refreshing. An interesting weekend meeting new people – that’s exactly what I needed and what I got….along with some excellent self-reflection.”  -Adriana Vidal

“I truly reclaimed my power on the retreat and conquered fears that once suppressed me.
I am eternally grateful to you and for the leanings I carry with me since the retreat.”-Christine Mackerer

“Fabulous experience that was over too soon. I came back a different woman.” -Mary Lyn Miller

“Loved every minute playing with such a beautiful, soulful group of women. I was in bliss. ” -Kris Oster PhD

“I left feeling more fulfilled and nurtured.  ” -Loretta Lombardo

I would love to come. Sign me up to be notified when the next retreat is booked!

 * * * * * *
Discovering the goddesses during our weekend together
will leave you full of purpose with fierce love, ready to heal yourself + the world.
You’ll discover just how worthy you are of
love, reverence and self-respect.
* * * * * *

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