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A Day in the Life of an Ancient Goddess
A Retreat to Bring You Back Home to Yourself
Dear One,

Do you want to join us on the next Goddess Retreat in Southern California? We have big plans for two goddess retreats this year – 2017. We were planning one in the summer diving deep into Aphrodite-Goddess of Love + Beauty, but with the current political climate have switched gears to Kali + Sekhemet where we will learn to Rise-Up and Find Our Voices! Later in the year, we may delve into Athena- Goddess of Wisdom, Strategy and Practical Crafts, but if this changes we’ll know soon enough.

Each retreat focuses on a different goddess and the activities scheduled during our weekend together bring us to their sacred wisdom. You will leave the weekend retreat feeling blissful and full of purpose.

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I believe every woman is born with a big, radiant mission. She may be a mother + homemaker, a visionary & artist, a nurse, a therapist or in any service capacity … or even a corporate CEO. And no matter what form her mission takes, she is worthy of love, reverence, time for self-reflection and deep relaxation. To be immersed in her own remarkable & unique essence. We’re all worthy of self love and reverence.

We're all worthy of self love and reverence. Photo by Anna D'Geami

Helen Hodgson
We’re all worthy of self love and reverence.

Photo by Anna D’Geami

So often in my work as a mobile spa owner and director, I see intelligent, loving and deserving women who are at their breaking point: many have crashed and burned before they even consider scheduling just one hour to themselves! The imbalances of a stressful life are felt throughout the whole being––body, mind and spirit. Our culture glorifies being “busy” and doing-ness. This just feels and sounds harsh to me. When a woman uses busyness as an excuse to put aside her own precious needs and desires, it saddens me. Deeply..

I created A Day in the Life series of retreats just for these women. My women.
Because I also believe we are all connected to a lineage of Sacred Feminine power; a power told in the ancient mythologies and stories of the Greek Goddesses. Maybe you have forgotten the stories. Maybe you have forgotten how to love and care for your body and soul. Through a sacred retreat, a vacation away from your day-to-day life, you will begin to remember.

Read on to know more about my retreats and my invitation to you to join us for a weekend Goddess Retreat.



Remember That You Are Goddess Divine In Human Form
If you experience any of the following negative & stressful reactions, taking time out for “A Day in the Life Retreat” may just be the answer to your prayers:
Fatigue from overworking.
Feel uncomfortable in your own skin.
Feel overweight or underweight.
Over give because you feel unworthy.
Sacrifice your own happiness for the needs of others.
Unable to say “no” and when you do, you feel guilty.
Break your own codes and boundaries.
Fearful of delegating tasks.
After your goddess retreat, anticipate these benefits in your authentic Goddess essence:
Body-Mind-Spirit energized, vibrant and renewed
Relaxed in your own skin + loving your beautiful body (at any shape or size)
Believe in your worthiness, so you won’t over-give again
Calm knowing your own happiness comes first–because it never takes away from another’s
At ease with saying “no” whenever you need to
Clarity around your boundaries + priorities
Secure at delegating
Open + ready to receive. Let others give to you for a change!
How a Day in the Life of an Ancient Goddess Looks
Spend a weekend with other powerful women, like you, who value themselves and invest in their own bliss and well-being. Expect delicious & nourishing foods, delectable spa treatments, precious time for individual silence and stillness, laughter, joy and connection to other Goddesses.  Relax + renew your mind, body + spirit. Some of the activities will include:

Circle of women from a past retreat.

Past Retreats
“I have been on many retreats with all sorts of subjects, but the depth of your retreat drawing upon ancient mythology to inspire and guide our lives, is a whole new experience that every woman of substance needs to participate in.”  Virginia Green PhD
 * * *
“Very relaxing and refreshing. An interesting weekend meeting new people – that’s exactly what I needed and what I got….along with some excellent self-reflection.”  Adriana Vidal
 * * *
“In my world (Engineering) a Goddess retreat does sound a little different. After a relaxing, tranquil weekend,  I’d recommend it to my friends and suggest that they approach it with an open mind. It’s an insightful way to have a look at yourself amongst interesting women in a gorgeous environment.” Naomi Climer
 * * *
“A life changing and nurturing experience that everyone deserves.  Best part was the “letting go” and learning something new.”  Vanessa Poster
* * *
“An amazing time-mind, body and spirit feel rejuvenated. I am grateful for this experience” Monika Kwiet
* * *
“I reached a new level of relaxation. I felt like I was in a moving meditation all weekend. Rare treat.” Vanessa Volpicelli
* * *
“Loved every minute playing with such a beautiful and soulful group of women. I was in bliss. ” Kris Oster PhD
* * *
“Fabulous experience that was over too soon. I came back a different woman. The questions you asked us to write about followed by discussions led by you were very enlightening.  I love that process. It’s my most favorite way to learn. Sharing it really helped connect to the rest of the group. The mythology stories after lunch were far more riveting than I expected .” Mary Lyn Miller
* * *
“ It was a wonderful day and would do it again. The most life-shifting part was hearing about all of the goddesses. I so related to Demeter. I realized I need to ensure I take care of myself so that I can take care of others. And balance and time for me is important and needs to be scheduled!” Debi Primeau
 * * *
“The Goddess retreat is an opportunity to let go of worries and the day to day business. I enjoyed a connection with others whom I could bond with in my moment of oneness with my deeper self.” Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider, PhD
 * * *
“Thank you for a wonderful, unique experience and it all flowed and blended together so seamlessly. I found the suggestions for activities/actions to take to access the Goddess within very helpful. The personal attention and connection that you extended to each of us was so genuine, it made me feel very pampered and special.” Leslie Hart
Our retreats are held throughout Southern California in beautiful serene retreat centers.
See some of the images of the locations where we stayed below.
Entrance to Casa de Maria, Santa Barbara – Demeter Retreat July 2016
View from Casa Barranca, Ojai on our Artemis Retreat August 2015
The Path to Labyrinth

Labyrinth at Shalom Institute, Malibu Mountains on our Persephone Retreat January 2016

* * *
 Helen Hodgson
Serve The Goddess & Goddess Retreats
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Helen Hodgson, Serve The Goddess® Muse + Founder circa 2000, learned from years of watching her mother, a Demeter archetype, registered nurse and mother of five – that as caretakers, we women, are often the last ones to nurture ourselves. Helen swore she wouldn’t journey the same path, but as a nurse and massage therapist herself, experienced the same “over giving” while neglecting her own needs. It wasn’t until she tapped into her Aphrodite archetype and experienced an awakening, that she was inspired to practice self love and Serve The Goddess® was born. She went on a pilgrimage to the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite in Pathos on the island of Cyprus and became an advocate for empowering women. From mere mortal to goddess divine, Helen’s mission is for all women to follow extreme self-care and self-love. She inspires them to access their inner Goddess through reverence, rejuvenation, relaxation and the healing power of touch. Helen leads her “A Day in the Life of an Ancient Greek Goddess” retreats a few times per year  throughout southern California.


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